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About RackCorp

RackCorp Secure Cloud is an Australian owned Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider established in 2003 with a clear mission to provide the most performant, secure, and reliable cloud infrastructure in the world. More than a decade on, we operate one of the world’s most diverse networks with a presence in 34 datacentres across 16 countries and are the preferred choice for enterprises and government agencies looking to host mission critical applications

What RackCorp Do

RackCorp Secure Cloud is a specialist IaaS provider catering for enterprise and government. We specialise in designing, delivering and supporting cloud infrastructure and networks for clients with mission critical applications and requirements. We operate a proprietary platform that is customisable and simplifies cloud infrastructure management, allowing our clients to manage a comprehensive suite of cloud solutions via one login

Why Clients Choose RackCorp

✔Performance, security and reliability
✔Relationships built on top of meaningful SLA's
✔Exceptional support, 24/7 Australian based network operations centre
✔Transparent billing model
✔Data sovereignty

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